Saturday, November 10, 2007

Professional Management for Corporate Initiatives

When it comes to corporate initiative, it is difficult to see such agresive and well-educated professionals in the picture. Companies always focus on core business and look for those 'hunters' to operate and increase sales, profit and other kind of benefits.

The strategy should be first decided for the initiatives instead of making spontanous donations. That strategy will draw the target, way and resulting benefits of planned social responsibility activities. Upon activity, next step will be hiring specialist employees or consultants for the operation. As every dollar is important for the core business, same mind should work for the initiative management and operation.

Company management is accountable for every investment, as weel as initiative expenses to shareholders, community and government. Initiative planing would end up with crisis if cost efficieny will not be considered. Reporting will be the next issue to focus on. Results of the initiatives should be well-presented with those non-financial reports.

Cost efficiency, strategic planning, reporting, etc are the common ways of today's professional management. Companies will achieve their professional initiative and social responsibility goals only with professional teams. It is the time to look for professionals to run and achieve corporate social responsibility goals.

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