Thursday, March 8, 2007


During a deep psychiatry lesson, the Professor came to a point where he said that the highest level of personality, which a person can achieve, is to be happy by doing something worthwhile for others. This came to my mind years later when I started to work at Abdul Latif Jameel Community Services Programs (ALJ-CSP).

It is not that difficult to make yourself happy, because you know yourself, what you like, the needs you have, and the point you wish to reach. However, it is quite difficult to try to increase happiness of other people. You should know all his needs, the character of the individual, and most importantly, how to approach the person in question.

ALJ-CSP lives within the community and faces the same problems as they face. First of all, a group of experts clarifies the source of the problem, than undertkaing a research toward understanding the issue with all surrounding issues. The pilot trials constitute the next step. All these findings are collected in a poll and a conclusion and system development constitute the final step prior to definite launch of the program.

The programs periodically go through survey from the already constituted professional system at the business. Statistics, annual financial reports and feedbacks assist in making decisions and lifting efficieny of the programs. Next year’s programs are prepared and planned according to all these results. Review of the figures leads the ideas for new programs.

All these activities are being planned to increase the happiness of the community. ALJ-CSP is also creating programs in order to keep the improved level of happiness. All Programs are supported with extra trainings, additional programs and more social activities . These programs are working in order to decrease the gap between the different levels of the community.

The success of ALJ-CSP is on the rise by more comprehensive knowledge about, and by being closer to the community. The achieved programs are becoming excellent examples for other corporate foundations and demonstrate how one can achieve happiness by making others happy.

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